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The Centre for Multilingualism

We would like our children to live in a multilingual,
diverse and respectful world,
a world in which people can shape their lives
and in which they meet each other with empathy and interest.
The potential of each individual is acknowledged,
valued and promoted.

sprachlich geförderte kinder

GS-Teilnehmer Kumuliert x 10 Kinder

Language Courses for children
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Our Organization

The Centre for Multilingualism in Early Childhood is a non-profit organization. It is a competence centre for language promotion and all questions concerning multilingualism in childhood. We are a team of professionals and parents. Our legal structure is that of a non-profit association which is independent of party politics and without religious affiliation. Income is generated through course- and training fees, membership contributions, learning materials and – to a great extent – through donations and education sponsorships.

Our Mission

Integration, Equal Opportunity, Multilingualism – from the very beginning!

We make language and education available to all children in the world and in this way we liberate them from speechlessness. We introduce them to the educational language of a particular country through fun activities. We thereby give them an important tool for integrating themselves into the society in which they live. Due to the appreciation of all languages and their speakers as well as their cultures, we are also committed to the preservation of the home language(s). In addition, we encourage parents of monolingual children to bring them into contact with other languages at an early age – in a playful way.


is a Societal Asset

Our Position

  • The ability to confidently master several languages is valuable – for the individual, but above all for society.

  • Language is the basis for education in the broadest sense and thus the key to the development of a self-motivated personality.

  • Especially in times of migration and a converging world, it makes sense to encourage multilingualism from an early age.

  • We stand for the appreciation of all languages and are convinced that this appreciation enables integration and promotes intercultural competences.

Our Requirements

  • Professional and Sustainable Language Development in the Educational Language (e.g. German as a Second Language)

  • Early Support at Pre-school and Primary School Age

  • Inclusion of Existing Language Skills

  • Equal Recognition and Appreciation for all Languages

  • Farewell to the Monolingual Society

    Here you will find our Position Paper Multilingualism.



Co-operative Commitment with Heart and Mind

“Some people say that I am an ‘incorrigible humanitarian'”.  This is correct.  And it makes me proud.  Children are my life and language is my access to the world.  Language is the access to cultural experience and eduction for all children.  This is what I am passionate about.”

Dr. Edgardis Garlin
Founder of the KIKUS-Method


20 Years of KIKUS...

Activity Reports

We create our new activity reports according to the Social Reporting Standard (SRS) to document our work and its social impact. We thank the Social Reporting Initiative e.V. (SRI) for providing knowledge and templates.

Press / Media


 Juni 2019 BISS Magazin
Wie Kinder spielerisch Deutsch lernen
Gabriele Winter, S. 6-11

03.2019 ArravialNews 
Kindliche Mehrsprachigkeit. Ein besonderer Reichtum 
Anja Schmidt/Dorothea Rein, Ausgabe München S. 8

07.01.2019 Süddeutsche Zeitung online
Die Vogel? Das Vogel? Der Vogel?
Jerzy Sobotta, Hasenbergl


09.06.2017 Süddeutsche Zeitung online
Wenn die Stadt zum Paradies für Kinder wird.
Melanie Staudinger

24.04.2017 zkm-Pressemitteilung
Genial, auch für Flüchtlingskinder: Mit Software schneller Deutsch lernen und integrieren
Non-Profit-Organisation zkm empfiehlt ausgezeichnete Sprach-Lern-Software für Kita, Schule und zu Hause

Eine Vision wird wahr. Ein Interview mit der KIKUS-Begründerin und Visionärin Dr. Edgardis Garlin über KIKUS digital
Constantinos Gianacacos , EMZ / Griechisches Haus München


19.10.2016 Passauer Neue Presse
Spielerisch Deutsch lernen. Große Resonanz auf erstes Seminar-Angebot des Kinderschutzbunds.
Bernhard Brunner

12.01.2016 Süddeutsche Zeitung
Kinderleicht. Zweisprachig aufzuwachsen, ist fast immer ein
Gewinn, München R2, Silke Lode


22.11.2015 Süddeutsche Zeitung
Ablenkung am Basteltisch. Im Family House in der Bayernkaserne können Kinder spielen und Deutsch lernen, München R2, Inga Rahmsdorf

02.11.2015 Süddeutsche Zeitung
Do your Hausaufgaben, s’il te plaît!, Schule und Hochschule S. 15, Imke Plesch/Caroline von Eichhorn

04.07.2015 Pfaffenhofener Kurier
Spende zur Sprachbildung, S. 40

26.01.2015 Moosburger Zeitung
Herausforderung für Kinder und Eltern. VHS-Vortrag zum Thema Mehrsprachigkeit organisiert durch den Frauentreff multikulturell, S. 15



Nur fünf neue Wörter pro Tag sind drin, S. 13 (kla)

03.07.2014 Saarbrücker Zeitung
80 Kindergarten-Kinder freuen sich über ihr Sprachdiplom. Nun reif für die Schule – Kikus-Förderprogramm bereits seit 2005 in Völklingen

02.01.2014 DIE ZEIT
In der Rubrik “CHANCEN” wird über die 3 KIKUS Grundseminare berichtet, die Anfang 2014 in Frankfurt, Berlin und Hamburg in Kooperation mit der Siemens Stiftung stattfinden.


Zentrum für kindliche Mehrsprachigkeit e.V.